Medicare Planning

Discover what you need to know to be ready for Medicare.

Medicare couple

Medicare is a great system. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand.

You may have received booklets from Social Security as well as AARP and various insurance companies, all with way more information to be processed than seems like it should be necessary. The decisions you make as you enter the Medicare system can potentially affect your health care choices for the rest of your life, yet going through the morass of information unassisted may seem both daunting and unwise.

We educate you so you can make informed choices.

We have a systematic method for guiding you through the maze of Medicare information, explaining all the choices you need to make, and presenting you with a roadmap to move forward into Medicare.

Our process works. Here’s why:

Reason 1: We learn about what’s important to you.

When you are faced with an avalanche of Medicare information, you are being given ALL of the information for EVERY possible choice all at once. That amount of information is not necessary to know. We meet and discuss your health care needs and budget, so that any further education is customized to your situation.

Reason 2: We give you all the choices you need, and none that you don’t.

There are literally hundreds of insurance companies trying to sell you their Medicare supplement plans. There’s no good reason to sort through all of those choices, because the choices that you should consider can be pared down to what makes sense in your situation. We represent all the major companies, so we know what’s out there, and present you with the logical choices.

Reason 3: We give you a timeline and a process to follow.

The most challenging part of entering the Medicare world is making sure that all the deadlines are met, and all the steps to the process are followed. We have a time-tested process for putting clients into the Medicare system, making it easy for you to make the transition.

Reason 4: We are around for the long run.

Plenty of brokers can sell you a plan and then leave. We are here for you, year in and year out. We take our individualized customer service to mean not just at initial enrollment, but for every annual review of drug and, if appropriate, medical plans.

We offer full-service Medicare planning:

Medicare Supplement/Medigap insurance

You’re approaching age 65, you know you will be going onto Medicare, and people start talking to you about “supplements.” And no, they don’t mean vitamins. 

Why would anyone need a supplement to Medicare?

Because Medicare only pays 80% of any non-emergency service.

Because there will always be a deductible to pay. 

Because hospital and surgical bills can get very large as you age. 

Simply put, you need a Medicare supplement because Medicare alone might end up costing you far more than you envisioned spending on health insurance. 

Medicare supplement, or “Medigap”, fills in the areas where Medicare falls short. The Medigap plans are articulated by the Federal government, and offered through private insurance companies. They make the prospect of predictable health care in your retirement totally attainable. 

The bad news about Medigap – timing is critical, and your decisions can literally affect the health insurance coverage you have going forward. At CCI Advisors we represent the best and most cost-effective plans, and make sure you know all the timelines so you can make the best decision. 

Part D / prescription drug insurance

Part D of Medicare is a government and private-sector shared program to provide prescription drug coverage to those who are on Medicare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provide the federal guidelines for what minimum requirements drug plans should have from year to year, and they also approve applications and provide the billing. Insurance companies actually create, sell, and administer the plans. 

How does this information affect you? Well, for starters, every year all the insurance companies must recalibrate their drugs to conform to the updated standards set forth by CMS. Agents who sell Part D prescription drug plans must re-certify every year to be able to sell these plans. The prescriptions you took last year may or may not be covered by the same plan this year, and if they are covered, they may not be covered to the same extent.

At CCI Advisors, we review your prescriptions annually to make sure you are on the best plan for your specific situation. We take the guesswork out of picking the correct Part D plan!

Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, provides a familiar way of accessing health care. Medicare Advantage plans use networks of providers and typically have costs like copays and deductibles. These plans include drug coverage, and typically have other benefits, like dental and vision coverage.

Social Security Planning

Social Security is both a blessing and a curse. Used properly, planning your retirement with the help of your Social Security account is an excellent way to make use of the funds that are due to you from all your years of work. However, planning is the key to making this dream a reality.

At CCI Advisors, we review your options for when to start withdrawing Social Security, how to plan for its use, and coordinate Social Security with your other retirement options.

Medicare System Review

Medicare is a health insurance benefit, one that all Americans have, with certain exceptions, from the time you turn 65, and lasting for the rest of your life. No other health insurance is designed to be in place for such a long time in someone’s life. 

It’s surprising, then, that people enroll in Medicare every day with so little knowledge about how the system works, what the benefits are, what benefits are missing, and all the options surrounding the system to enhance coverage. You are somehow just expected to know what’s going on. 

At CCI Advisors, we believe that education is the first requirement for making the best decisions. We are committed to spending the time it takes to make sure our clients know what’s important about Medicare.

As a member of Joseph’s People, I was delighted to see your name and expertise in insurance posted on their website.  When I called, you were kind to schedule an appointment that very day.

You were welcoming, informative and quick to help me with all my insurance needs. As we went through the process of finding the right insurance for my family, I was impressed that if you didn’t know the answer then you immediately picked up the phone and found a solution. If a quote was too high you pressed on to find another.

In this day, finding the right insurance can take hours and it is also very confusing-especially with the new “Obamacare.” Your knowledge of the new government insurance categories is rare to find. So many people don’t know who to talk to or where to turn for help, especially those who are senior citizens, unemployed, low-income, etc… Most transactions today are done on-line which can be intimidating and scary for some. You were patient, comforting and so enjoyable to work with. You took the guess work away!

Robin, I would be glad to recommend you to others in a heart-beat! Thank you again for all your help. You are a breath of fresh air!

Mary Jo

West Chester, PA