Last year, I sent a message to several of my clients: “If you’re going to invest in long-term care insurance, do it before all the insurers switch to a gender-based rating system.” And now the mainstream press has gotten wind of it. As the New York Times reports, the major carriers of long-term care insurance have pretty much all gone to a gender-based rating system from a unisex one.

Why is this news? Mostly because the ACA (Affordable Care Act) now has provisions that prohibits sex discrimination in health insurance. Since long-term care insurance is, technically, health insurance, we are in a gray area here. There have already been lawsuits filed, but I’m betting that these changes are here to stay.

This development all translates into making a plan for long-term care sooner rather than later, especially if you’re female. With increased rates, waiting longer has become an even more expensive proposition.

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